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Great things are not done by impluse, but by a series of small things brought together

We are self-motivated and passionate professionals that contain a wealth of knowledge and experience. 

We have workplace methodologies that encourage regular communication and collaboration between staff and clients. As a result, we are committed to continually improve products, processes and quality of service that drives us to exceed all expectations.

8020TECH IT Solutions ultimately helps clients develop the invaluable IT assets required in an increasingly digital world. Ask us how we can help you embark on a journey of digital transformation tailor-made with innovative IT assets for you.

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We provide you the smartest IT solutions. We understand your business vision. We are committed to ensure your business is reliable, secure and efficient through technology. We have wide-ranging experience across diverse industries. We leverage the latest IT systems to advance your business interests. As your strategic partner, we provide superlative support to resolve issues swiftly. Whether you need 8020TECH for consulting, applications support, hardware/software sales and service or one managed IT solution, we are able to handle your needs, all of them, whatever they may be. If you need a custom infrastructure designed, built and managed from the ground up, then we are your team!

NIKUNJ <strong>Patel</strong>



Our goal is to get it done right to maintain integrity of the work completed and achieve customer satisfaction. Professionalism, experience and competency in our work gives us the confidence to promise and guarantee our work. Being Master in Computer Science and having expertise in Information Systems I strongly believe that you do not need to shop elsewhere for anything at all – we take care of everything for you. 8020TECH is your one-stop shop for all IT solutions, Systems, Service and Support.

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